High Tech Hydroponic Greenhouses

Our high tech greenhouses allow us to produce the best quality tomato all year-round.

Magic Sun Organic Tomatoes

Our new organic line of tomatoes is available now.  Enjoy the healthy freshness!

Food Safety & Social Responsibility

At Magic Sun, food safety and social responsibility are two of our top priorities.

Scientists analyzing tomato plants

Why Choose Magic Sun?

Our mission is to provide the best greenhouse tomato to all tomato consumers who are looking for a high quality product, reasonably priced and delivered according to their specific needs.
Utilizing our 157 acres of high-tech greenhouse space, we intend to expand our reputation as one of North America’s most reliable sources of high quality, delicious tomatoes.
Magic Sun growers define and guide its organization on main principles:

  1. Quality
  2. Consistency
  3. Food Safety & Taste
  4. Technical Innovation
  5. Transparent & Reliable Safeguards